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Resources and Tips: Resources and Tips

This is a special page recognizing the unusual nature of the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on colleges and universities right now. These articles are a hopefully representative selection of information in the media about how Covid-19 may continue to affect the college experience and people’s thoughts about its value. If you are planning to attend a college, don’t depend on this section for news. Go to the school’s website and you should be able to learn a little about what the administration is thinking there. 

As colleges’ responses to Covid-19 are rapidly evolving, some of the articles I’ve posted may not be current, including news about schools. Again, follow their websites and social media to find out the latest updates. This section is meant to give a sense of what schools, sports leagues, and the governments that set policy for many colleges are thinking and how their responses may affect your college experiences, and whether, for example, you may need to be vaccinated against Covid-19 and/or its various variants in order to attend colleges you are considering.

Here is a set of hundreds of articles, blogs, rankings, and other resources I have collected on the college search process. I try to update this page regularly. Follow me on social media for those updates. These resources should be helpful to people either applying to college or trying to decide what major/concentration they may want to follow while there. These resources should, generally, be free though a few may be behind paywalls. I have links to several blogs I’ve written on the college application process.  Contact me about them if you like.

Please use these resources to  inform your choices about where to apply to college, how to write the best possible essays,  think on what major/concentration you want to follow, and maximize your return on investment while there. Sadly, it's true, all college majors are not created equal where things like your future salary and ability to pay off debt are concerned. Some of the resources I’ve collected can help you understand the impact of your choices on your future earnings and ability to pay down any debt you need to accept in order to get your degree.

See my college search consulting page and contact me via the scheduling tool there after reading it if you’d like to speak to me about preparing for, and applying to college.

The world is full of opportunities for good people to do great things. This page, which I update whenever possible, has two resources: one is a list of more than forty nation-wide organizations that you can volunteer with to do important work in your community. The other, is a set of stories about people doing good things in their communities. You’ll find these stories here.

One of the biggest challenges in trying to do great things is finding a place to start. Here is a list of organizations that continue to impact the lives of so many around us through the volunteers that work with them. I welcome submissions of either articles or nation-wide (in all fifty states) organizations via my contact page.

Discover organizations where good people can do great things for society.

This page has a collection of blogs, articles and resources on the health professions school application process including several blogs from me. All should be free to access. If you have pieces you think should be included, please contact me with them.

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