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If you’ve seen the rest of his site, you’ll know Dr. Weed is a graduate of Yale, Princeton, and

Harvard universities with degrees in Political Science, Public Affairs, and Genetics. You’ll also

know he’s had diverse work experiences and involvement with several top universities and

the National Institutes of Health. 


Dr. Weed’s unique life circumstances have given him the opportunity to work with nearly a

thousand undergraduate, graduate, and professional students who have attended more than

fifty of the world’s top colleges and universities. Mentoring these people has helped him

develop unique knowledge about how students have experienced these campuses and their

environments. Doing so has also given Dr. Weed great sensitivity to the stresses and

opportunities that come with looking for the right college or graduate program and what

campuses will be like once you’re accepted and decide to go there.


Along with his diverse education, Dr. Weed has had many experiences that shape his unique

knowledge of not only what programs of study are like, but also what you might be able to

do with your degree once you’ve earned it.


His work at the University of Wisconsin-Madison where he was the first Associate Director

of the $150 million Wisconsin Institute for Discovery, one of three organizations in a half

billion-dollar public/private partnership meant to bring science and technology jobs to

Wisconsin, taught him a great deal about research administration and the opportunities and

challenges facing public and private sector science and technology today.

Along with energizing diverse hiring of faculty and staff while at the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery, Dr. Weed managed its budget, liaised with groups across the university and beyond, and advocated for outreach to students in particular.


In 2011 and 2012, he launched and ran a program called Discovering Careers in Healthcare

and the Life Sciences which exposed 1100 students to panels totaling 125 health and

science professionals and admissions officers from 30 different graduate health professions

programs.  He also inspired and co-launched a program sometimes called Public Health

teams. This initiative continues to expose students to how people who are older, disabled,

and chronically ill manage their health when not in the doctor’s office. 


Dr. Weed’s unique life experience as patient, innovator, mentor and developer for programs

like those he ran at UW-Madison and several other universities, gives him a clear

understanding of what healthcare and health professions jobs in America are like today. If

you are interested in science, technology or the health professions, and work with him on an

individual basis, he will gladly connect you to people working in areas you may be

interested in so you can learn more about them.


Dr. Weed can help with your college, doctoral, or professional school searches.

In 2017-19, Dr. Weed acted as a contributing writer and senior adviser for Gold Medal Grads, a website run by a socioeconomically diverse team of specialists and advisers which closed down because its founder took a position in Finance. You can see some thoughts about Dr. Weed from the founder in the endorsements. He also helps students recruited by, a China based company whose clients are educated on both sides of the Pacific, get into

US colleges and universities. 


Dr. Weed knows that just surviving the process of looking for and getting into

college or graduate school isn’t enough. Things like making college as affordable as

possible, the campus environment, and the availability of internships or opportunities for

experiential learning, not to mention quality advising and support services, can make or

break your experience. Dr. Weed will help you think through these things during your

application process.

Dr. Weed knows you need lots of resources, information, and perspective to decide which

college may be best for you. His totally free resources page links to his blogs on choosing

and getting into college. It also has hundreds of links to articles from other sources on

various ranking systems for colleges, choosing, getting into, and making the most

out of college, and information on how to maximize the return on your investment in

college while doing everything you can to make it affordable. You can also find articles

that describe some colleges’ initiatives to make degrees more affordable for their students.

If you’re a US citizen or permanent resident, there is a path to the Federal Application for Free Student Aid (FAFSA), which if you fill it out, is very likely to make money available to you that will make college more affordable. He has pointers to tools you can use to decide whether some campuses you may be considering are affordable for you, and links to a number of articles from other authors with perspectives on how you can maximize the return on your investment in your education. In his resources section there are also materials from various US Government agencies on careers and the salaries you can reasonably expect to make depending on the educational paths you choose.


If you work with him individually on your applications, he will help you think through these

things and more.


After your schools make their decisions, he will help you figure out which undergraduate or

graduate program should be best for you. He even has a few articles on changes in and

around health professions schools that you can find here.


Covid-19 is a concern for everyone. It will be for some time. For hundreds of articles Dr.

Weed has collected on the impact of Covid-19 on students and colleges alike, click here.


As a diabetic with a Ph.D. in the life sciences, Dr. Weed understands the importance of

social distancing as well as your need for usable information on the value, and possible

problems, of going to college or graduate school. He is glad to speak to individuals or

classes on-line about the college selection process as it is under unusual circumstances.


If you’re planning to apply for college or graduate school this fall, many of the students with

whom Dr. Weed has worked say knowing him has helped them find the right college or

university and succeed once they got there. Below are some of their thoughts on the value of

working with him.


​Dr. Weed knows how important it is to get the right adviser. Click on the "Make an Appointment" button below to schedule a free half hour introductory consult via phone or Skype. If you’d like to schedule your first full hour at his normal rate of $150 for the first hour, ($75 per conversation for any follow-ups), please contact him via his Appointment scheduling tool. 

Please note, Dr. Weed charges $75 per individual essay no matter how many rewrites are required. So, if a school has 5 required statements the total charge for edits on your essays will be $350 no matter how many revisions are needed, not including needed phone conversations. Dr. Weed will discuss lower rates if your economic circumstances require this.

If you’re a teacher or administrator, below are also a few endorsements from teachers and an administrator for his presentations to groups of students.

Contact Dr. Weed for their information if you’d like more detailed thoughts from

them. Sets of responses from some of the audiences can be found here. 

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"A," who matriculated at the University of California, Irvine School of Medicine in August 2019 says: "I met Dr. Weed during my sophomore year of college, and I quickly realized that his caring, dedicated, and straightforward approach to advising was one that would be invaluable. Over the past few years, he has taken time to fully discuss my goals and help me decide what career was best for me as an individual. After deciding to apply to medical school, he made himself available to me to read over my essays and application (while providing constructive feedback and insight), prepare for interviews, and ultimately make the best decision about where to attend. I am very grateful to Dr. Weed for all of his help and support over the past years, and I would highly recommend his services to anyone pursuing graduate school applications of any kind!"

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