If you're an aspiring college student, you may be wondering:


“Am I really a Stanford Cardinal, or maybe a Yale Bulldog? A Michigan Wolverine? A Duke Blue Devil?”


“Is an MD or PhD program a better fit? For which am I more competitive?”


“What public health school is best for my interest in Health Policy and Management?”


Dr. Weed can help with your college, doctoral, or health professions school searches.


If you’ve seen the rest of his site, you’ll know Dr. Weed is a graduate of Yale, Princeton and Harvard universities. He has also worked at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Dr. Weed’s diverse work experience and unique life circumstances helped him develop highly intensive mentoring relationships with more than 750 college and university students who have earned degrees at fifty of the world’s leading schools. Mentoring these amazing people has given him unique knowledge about these campuses and their environments.

Dr. Weed gladly uses his unique knowledge—and the diverse connections he has at many colleges and universities—to help you find a college, doctoral, or graduate health professions training program that should fit you well and help you succeed.

Many of the students with whom Dr. Weed has worked say knowing him has helped them find the right college or university and succeed once they got there.

Dr. Weed's schedule and rates can be found below : 


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