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Note: If links on this page are broken, please let me know via my contact page. I’ll check them and make sure they are removed or changed if needed. Sometimes a different browser or machine (phone vs. computer, for example) will lead to different results. If links really don’t work, try searching for articles you want to read using the reference info here. Links often change but titles and publishers shouldn’t.

The resources below include blogs written by Dr. Weed, articles he has found about things like preparing to apply, choosing programs, writing strong personal statements, making health professions school affordable and worth YOUR INVESTMENT, and more. All of the articles not by Dr. Weed are the author’s property. They represent the author’s views, not necessarily those of Dr. Weed.

Note: If you have articles from credible sources on anything relating to either admissions to, or study in, health professions schools that you think should be included here, please contact me via my website.

Health Professions School Resources: Text

Overview of 2021 medical school admissions data from the Medical School Admissions Resource from the American Association of Medical Colleges


Resources from Dr Weed



Articles in the Literature: 


Articles in the Media:


Note: Some articles here include rankings. If they do, as with all other rankings lists linked elsewhere on this website, check the methodologies used as what the authors of the pieces in question think is important may not be of equal value to you.

***Articles added after June 15, 2021.***

***Articles added before June 15, 2021.****

Health Professions School Resources: Text
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