Denver’s KCNC Channel 4 on Sept 23, 2016, interviews Dr. Weed about how he manages his life with Type I diabetes.

Denver's KCNC Channel 4, interviews Dr. Weed

On this All About Living program, Dr. Weed and Nancy Mathews describe a new partnership with community agencies that will send UW students into the homes of seniors and people in need of help. It’s a real world classroom for students and an opportunity to make a real difference in peoples’ lives.

Carol Kolby of All About Living Interviews Dr. Weed

This article, done in April of 1996 describes some of Dr. Weed’s work at Harvard and how it connected to  his internship at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences in 1994 while he was completing his Master’s in Public Affairs at Princeton.

A Medical Sciences Student Overcomes Remarkable Obstacles

Ms. Nyberg talks to Dr. Weed about his life - from being diagnosed with diabetes and going blind as a child, to his life at Yale

WTNH Channel 8's Ann Nyberg interviews Dr. Weed

 In a national profile by the Diabetes Forecast, Dr. Weed talks about acknowledging dependence on others, and how it's played


 an important part in his achievements and success over the years.“I can ask for help and get the help I need, or I can not ask for help, ‘be independent,’ and then struggle to achieve and accomplish because I [am] too busy trying to be independent,” says Dr. Weed.

Diabetes Forecast Interviews Dr. Weed