Dr . Weed speaks to attendees at a diabetic daycamp at Colorado Springs, July 2015.

Dr. Weed speaks to an audience at a bikathon kick-off event sponsored by the American Diabetes Association in Rocklin, CA. 

Dr. Weed talks about his numerous accomplishments and travel, the importance of programs of the American Diabetes Association and the need for people to engage in helping it raise funds for these programs.

Dr. Weed speaks at the Pikes Peaks Interagancy Team Talk

In his keynote for Achieve Tahoe, the largest accessible sports program (by people served), in the United States, Dr. Weed speaks about his own achievements as a totally blind and brittle type I diabetic graduate of Yale, Princeton and Harvard as well as his active life traveling, skiing,  kayaking,, and tells the story of having completed a rollerblading marathon. He says that all of these accomplishments wouldn’t have been possible without the support of hundreds of volunteers who are, in many ways, the heroes of his story.  

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